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Samantha OBrian is certified as a Master Technician in Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening from Pro Plasma Esthetics.  She attended multiple rigorous programs in which she was tested on her skills to ensure her high level capabilities.  She is one of one two master technicians in New York State.  She also is certified from BCS Studios to administer filler via the Hyaluron Pen.  In additional, Samantha has just introduced permanent cosmetics to her repertoire of services.

She is a mother of one and a  Sherrill, NY native who loves this area and the people who live in it.  She currently works full time in the pharmaceutical industry and learning about devices that were registered with the FDA and EMA triggered her intrigue.  She has a background in beauty as well as the human body which makes the combination of education a perfect fit to offer you these medical aesthetic procedures.

Treatment room at Euphoria Esthetics, Sherrill, NY

Our Studio

 Located off of State Route 5 in Sherrill, NY, Euphoria Esthetics studio is in the prime location for anyone to access.  Sherrill can be found halfway between both Syracuse and Utica and only minutes from the NYS Thruway and Turning Stone Casino.  The space is open, bright, warm and inviting and will make you feel more than relaxed while you receive your treatments. 


Our Treatments

What is Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening?  It is an extremely unique treatment that is the ONLY proven way to minimize wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and more non-surgically.  It utilizes the Plasma Pen which is a device registered with the FDA and EMA.  The process is done by the plasma pen creating an arc, the spark then jumps from the pen to the surface of the skin and a carbon dot about the size of a pin head remains.  Precisely positioned carbon dots will be placed to achieve the desired results.  The body then flushes the site where the treatment was formed with fibroblast and collagen cells to repair the area from the inside out.  This inflammatory response process is what makes the procedure so amazing.  This treatment has been offered in Eastern hemisphere, beginning in Europe since the 1990s, it has just made it's way to the US within the last couple years.  Research on this treatment has been outstanding as the results received are comparable to plastic surgical procedures without the risks.

The Hyaluron Pen is a device that offers fillers without the pain and potential harm and injury from traditional injections.  It can be used to add fullness and dimension as well as reduce wrinkles and fill depressions in the skin.  Hyaluronic acid is forced into the site via pressure/force allowing the area plump.  An additional benefit to the Hyaluron pen is that when the filler is forced into the site it is done so in more of a spraying application versus an injection piercing the skin and injecting the filler into a pocket.  This will result in no lumps and no need to manipulate the filler into place. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body, it is a clear, jelly-like substance.  It has many uses and is regularly used by doctors and dermatologists for lubricating joints, skin care treatments, as well as found in many skin care products due to it's highly effective nature.


New Service Alert!

Samantha has recently obtained multiple certifications in permanent cosmetics.  She has spent the beginning of 2020 focusing on expanding her brand.  This has included certifications in permanent eyeliner, ombre brows, powder brows, combination brows, lip liner, ombre lips and full lip blush.


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